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Kitty Clive, or The Fair Songster by Berta Joncus

Kitty Clive (1711-1785) was a top London stage star. She dominated spoken as well as musical comedy, but from the 1740s onwards her reputation suffered a sharp decline. For anyone curious about star production in eighteenth-century Britain, her story is not to be missed.

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Edward Shuter, John Beard, and John Dunstall in Isaac Bickerstaffe's "Love in a Village"

Love in a Village

Senior Editor, with Žak Ozmo and Vanessa L. Rogers, Love in a Village (1762) – a pasticcio comic opera that transformed the London stage

Love in a Village is a hybrid critical score edition in hard copy. It is issued by Bärenreiter and on Edirom, an online resource that synchronizes the opera’s critical apparatus with its digitized primary sources. This project is supported by the Mainz Academy of Sciences and Literature.


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Love in a Village. A Pasticcio Opera. Libretto by Isaac Bickerstaffe. Edited by Berta Joncus, Vanessa Rogers and Žak Ozmo. OPERA – Spectrum of European Musical Theatre in Separate Editions. Orchestra: 2 flauto traverso, 2 recorders, 2 ob, 2 bsn, 2 hn, 2 vl, va, b.c. (implied: vc, cb, bsn, hpd)

Publisher: Bärenreiter, BA 8814


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